Tips to Help You Maintain Your Lawn Perfectly Green

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If you want to admire the green grass in your front yard almost all year long, you need to know how to maintain your lawn healthy. Today, our landscaping & lawn care specialists will help you learn some maintenance tricks that can help you accomplish this mission.

  1. landscape contractor Water your lawn either first thing in the morning or in the evening. This allows the water to penetrate. If you water your lawn at midday, the water will evaporate very quickly and will not reach the roots of the grass.
  2. After laying your turf well, water it to a depth of 6 inches.
  3. Do not fertilize your lawn too often. Once every two months should be fine, with the exception of some few types of grass.
  4. Keep the grass thick as this reduces weeds. If necessary, reseed your lawn every year in order to stay on top of weeds.
  5. Wait no less than 24 hours after watering a lawn to get it mowed. The grass should be completely dry when your lawn maintenance specialist comes to cut it.
  6. Do not cut your grass too low. The higher the blade, the deeper the root system goes. Cutting your grass high will help the durability of your lawn.
  7. Aerate your lawn twice a year in order to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.
  8. Leave the cut grass to act like mulch. It can keep the moisture inside your turf especially during the summer.

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